About GTS

Global Tools Supply (GTS) started several years ago manufacturing private label PCD/PCBN/Carbide tools for small and large fabricators in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical industries. Our goal is to manufacture and supply the best performing tools at the best price, faster than any other company.

The name Global Tools Supply is derived from the nature of industry: manufacturing private label products to small and large fabricators who supply to the large end-users. As the cutting tool industry grew more competitive, the ability to do business with an addtional middleman became more difficult. Global Tools Supply decided it was time to rebrand (GTS) and create an adaptive business model. Ultimately, GTS moved towards supplying our partners directly and focusing on integrated suppliers to the automotive and aerospace industries.

GTS has fabrication plants in FL, TX, China and MX along with our “Grinding Partners” located in FL and MI. We have administrative offices in FL and a service/warehouse facility in OH.